(light-musical film, 1975, 35 mm)

The first in the USSR commercial film of this genre.
Shot at Kazan News-reel Studio.

Film director   B.Galeyev
Script writer   I.Vanechkina
Music   G.Sviridov
Camera-man   A.Privin
With the assistance of   N.Almeyev, V.Bukatin,
V.Volkov, A.Kiselev,
R.Kurtseitov, R.Mukhametzyanov,

This film has been made using original technology: first black/white
negative copy has been shot, then colors were added by means of
special processing.

Awarded to the Prize of International Festival "Techfilm" (Prague,
1975), demonstrated at the festivals "Ars Electronica" (Linz, 1989),
"Ostranenie" (Dessau, 1993).