Some people are said not to understand such figurative expressions as "bright head". They think one has grayhaired people in mind. However, my sculpture composition is intended for those who understand such expressions - a category that naturally includes "Leonardo" readers. The bright people shown in my sculpture "Bright Heads of Bright People" (Fig.1) are my comrades working at SKB "Prometheus". They are bright because they have been doing their bright business - composing "light music" [1] - in spite of everything. The heads they have on their shoulders are also bright because there are many things they have invented in both the field of electronics and the art field. For these reasons, I decided to create a sculptural composition devoted to them that adequately embodies this idea. We bought dolls in a toy-shop and decapitated them, installing lamp-sockets and electric light bulbs of differing electrical capacity in place of their heads. We arranged the dolls in a composition representing certain situations in our working process. An electronic programming unit, installed in one of the tables, allows the lamp filaments to twinkle synchronously with music. When music is not being played, the lamp filament flickers lightly and the light jumps from one head to another (symbolizing the exchange of idle thoughts). But, as soon as music is switched on, the lamps light up in full force, illustrating that the heads of the people are full of light and music at that moment.

The installation was actualized thanks to the help of students Rais Gatiatullin, Petr Artiemiev and Alexei Suleimanov. The sculpture was shown to a wide audience for the first time at the Tatar Avant Garde exhibition, held in 1993 in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.


  1. SKB "Prometheus" is a group founded in 1962 and is made up of artists, musicians, and engineers. The group's main objective is the development ot an art medium in which kinetic art with electric light is correlated with tht various qualities and thematic aspects of music. See Bulat M. Galeyev, "Music Kinetic Art Medium: On the Work of the Group "Prometei" (SKB), Kazan, USSR", "Leonardo", v.9, No 3, 177-182 (1976).
Published in "Leonardo", 1994, Vol.27, No.1, pp.78-79.