Vanechkina I.L.

After the experiments with light-music in concert halls, light-music films, applied psychodelic installations (first of all, for interior design), "Prometheus" group turned to the open air performances, where sound and light would appear in architectural surroundings. On May 1970 we staged the first in our country light-music open air spectacle under the title "Forever in national memory", devoted to 25-year anniversary of Victory Day.

The concert was staged at the War Memorial ground in Gorky Central Park in Kazan. This place is a vast square with the monument of the Fallen Warrior at the far end and the lane of trees on the right side - rather inconvenient place for staging. Nevertheless, the very theme of spectacle made us to agree with the idea. The scenario depicts some of the main episodes of Great Patriotic War (Brest, Leningrad, Dubosekovo, Osventzim, Stalingrad, Moabit, Victory). Sounding elements were part of the concert - talks, noises referring to those days, alternated with poetic verses and music. The sounds were reproduced by the loud speakers combined in 20 clusters, hidden among the trees, banners and inside the monument. Such arrangement allowed us to imitate sounds of flying planes, bomb explosions, shots and shell bursts. The sounds of passing train and tanks seemed to go right through the square, where the spectators were gathered. Judging to the audience reaction (at the first concert the war veterans were present), the effect of immersion to the atmosphere of war times had been achieved successfully.

Authors of the spectacle - B.Galeyev, N.Valitov, I.Vanechkina.