(light-musical film, 1981, 35 mm)

Film director, script writer,
Camera-man   N.Morozov
Sound Producer   V.Korablev
Models' designers   V.Golovkov, R.Saifullin, E.Semenov, A. Morozov

A collage of electronic music works of A.Nemtin, S.Kreichi and some others has been used.

This film has been made using original technology: first black/white negative copy has been shot, then colors were added by means of special processing.

It has been demonstrated at the following festivals: "Ars Electronica", 1989 (Austria); "Ostranenie", 1993 (Germany); "Video-Window", 1986 (Switzerland); symposium "Ecology of New Media" (France); short films festival in Oberhauzen, 2000 (Germany); symposium ISEA-2000 (France).