Galeyev B.M.

On summer 1993, the Museum of Salich Saidashev, the founder of Tatar professional music, has been opened in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan Republic. The original museum design in pop-art style (designers V.Nesterenko, A.Leukhin) was supplemented, according to my proposal, with light-sound effects. For this purpose the specialists of design office "Prometheus" have worked out the "Auto-guide" electronic system.

The installation is controlled by means of ordinary double tracks tape recorder. Guide's comments and musical accompaniment are recorded on the first track. The second track contains control signals to make switching from one exhibit to another. These signals switch on/off audible information and the lighting of the chosen exhibit; also, if needed, they serve to start/stop light-effect and light-music devices. It may look as follows: the interior of the toy chest would be illuminated and then the chest begin to tell the story of the composer's childhood; then the accordion beside the chest would start to play by itself (it has a loud speaker inside). In the next section the self-playing piano with an open keyboard would enter into the story with a musical piece; then the portrait on the wall begins to speak. In the episode "Red Army March" the shafts of light burst out of the trumpets; the episode "Takhir and Zukhra" includes light-music cloud, glimmering over the heads of the visitors, in a harmony with ballet music by Saidashev. The exposition has 30 sections served by "Auto-guide". The living guide may stop auto-guide at any moment, to add some details or answer questions. The main program may be delivered in Russian, English or Tatar. One of the program version does not contain text comments at all, it provides only music and sounds background, while the living guide tells the story.

Script writer and director - B.Galeyev. Technical design of the "Auto-guide" - V.Bukatin, S.Murtazin.