Morphes by Vyacheslav Koleichuk
by Linnik Yu
Petrozavodsk: 1998.
Reviewed by E. V. Sintzov, Russia. E-mail:

V. Kolejchuk is a famous artist-innovator, specializing in the invention of new spatial constructions applicable to art. The word "morphes" in the book's title is a neologism for "new morphological structures". The book under reviewing is a new kind research. It is based not so much on the creative work of V. Kolejchuk himself, as his collaboration with the author - philosopher and art critic Yuri Linnik. The results of this collaboration is characteristic of the culture of twentieth century: the principles of form creation, founded by V.Kolejchuk, are transferred (with little or no attempts to comprehend them, just at a purely suggestive level) into the principles of thinking of the philosopher and poet, who creates them freely after that pattern. This leads to the uncommon composition of the book. It consists of "synopsis of the monography", tryptych of "lighting stereoart", "verses on Vyacheslav's themes", the garland of sonnets. Such verbal-image constructions are alternated with the illustrations of Kolejchuk's works. In addition, visual and verbal lines of the book tend to get unity, for Yu.Linnik tries to "appropriate" principles, applied by V. Kollejchuk to that or other spatial constructions: new type of collage, the image of the thread standing upright, geometric solids, etc. As a result, the book becomes not only the original portrait of two creative workers, one of them admiring the other, appropriating his way of thinking. Behind this dialog one can guess the main personage - combinatoric and plastic freedom of thinking, capable of creating art by the most common things and materials. This energy of thinking this way demonstrates it's relative independence from the word, space and matter, ready to penetrate, at suggestive level, into one's head, and realize itself in other art realms.