Bulat M. Galeyev


Dedicated to R. Bradbury



Electronic interpretation of Kant's and Hegel's
philosofic conceptions

(a series of 12 oszillograms)



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1. Once upon a time there lived  a lone Space Dandelion.

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2. And universal boredom reignet all  around him, filled with withe dwarfs and unidentified flying objects.
Some of the UFOs honked in flight like buses.

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3. And his favourite pastime was swinging on electromagnetic waves   (E = MC2).
And a fresh wind cooled his fluffy brow pleasantly.

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4. Imbibing the cosmic energy and having nothing to do the Dandelion began suffering from megalomania at times.

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5. When this also palled on him to pose as Napoleon he turned into a huge electronic dog and frightened passers-by jumping out of the black hole.

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6. For a short while - just some millions of   years - he was seized with paroxysm of mirth and he began to rock with laughter.

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7. But on whole his cheec-bones were cramped from boredom and attacks of deep melancholy. Even milk in the fridge could turn sour from that boredom.

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8. And one day, one day 'an absolute idea' struck the Dandelion and he nearly was out of his head with joy.

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9. He began to expand, to swell and filled the whole Universe with his cosmic intellect soon.

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10. His thoughts began to come to order.

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11. The thougths were coming harmonious.

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12. That is the way our Solar system has emerged.