By the author.

By the colleague in Russia [Kagan M.].

By the colleague abroad [Malina R.]

In place of introduction.

From design office "Prometheus" - to Research Institute.

"Prometheus", and further, never stop.

A history and theory of light-music.

A tale about visible music.

Scriabin and Eisenstein.

The art of shining sounds.

The art of visible music.

Polyphonic thinking in the art.

Pioneers of new art.

Ideas of seeing music in Russia "before Scriabin".

Artist Gidoni - pioneer of light-color Art.

About the light-artist W. Baranoff-Rossine.

On the contribution of M. Matyushin to the light art.

"Soviet Faust" or the truth about Macropulos' remedy.

Pioneer of light-music from America.

Synesthesia, "color hearing".

What is synesthesia - myths and reality?.

Synesthesia is not abnormality, but a form of nonverbal thinking.

Lofty sickness of synesthesia or the creativity weakness of it's interprets?

Evolution of gravitational synesthesia in music: to Color and Light!

Concept of internal counterpoint by W.Kandinsky.

"Children draw music! Children can do anything!".

The arts of the epoch of scientific and technological revolution: our own experiments.

Synthesis of arts in the epoch of scientific and technological revolution.

Light-music psychodelic devices.

Social-cultural functions of the psyhodelic light-music.

Aldous Huxley on the genesis of light art.

Functional light painting and light-music.

Abstract cinema and light-music.

Eisenstein and light-music.

"Small triptych".

Performances "Sound and Light" in the open air.

Electronics, space, sound.

Laser experiments in the Research Institute "Prometheus".

Image of a dog in author's video-installations.

"Conceptual" mirrors.

Light architecture against the stony standard.

Cemetery of exhibits or the theatre of revived history.

New "Prometheus" at a new place.

Transformation of "drawing into melody".

Is computer art possible?.

Some results (in place of conclusion).

Scriabin's ideas at the border of XX-XXI centuries.

Forward to the victory of "Gesamtkunstwerk"!.

"Periodic system of arts by B. Galeyev" in computer epoch.


From the future museum of light-music.

Bibliography of B. Galeyev's publications (1961-2001).

Nominal index.